The Passage of Time and the Blessing of Hospitality

It is a peculiarity of travel that you can lose sense of the passage of time.  Past events can somehow simultaneously seem both recent and distant.  So it is with my Camino.  I am two thirds of the way through my pilgrimage now, and I can't seem to work out how or what to feel... Continue Reading →


Hitting Pause

Barely halfway through today's stage of the Camino, I stopped walking and booked myself into the nearest albergue.  My energy levels were good, I had all the right equipment and food, as well as plenty of time to complete the stage, but my joints had decided they had had enough.  I am ahead of schedule... Continue Reading →

The Power of Story

Today was a momentous day on the Camino; I am already a third of the way to Santiago de Compostela!  As I reflected on the miracle of my legs continuing to work, and my head continuing to let them, I wondered what it was I would remember most when the aches of my muscles had... Continue Reading →

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