This is a blog about Christianity and politics… mostly.

It comes partly out of the realisation that my long-suffering friends have had to deal with being the sole sounding board for my ridiculous opinions for far too long, and partly because when said opinions manage to miraculously find their way into another publication, they are invariably edited for brevity.  When I started this blog in 2016, I had written a few pieces for the Student Christian Movement, an organisation of which I remain a proud member.  It was they who encouraged me to write more, and they who suggested I start my own blog as somewhere to publish the full versions.  That eventually became this blog.

As the name might suggest, I write as a Christian and as a communist. Some who read this will be excited by this prospect, others will be confused or even angry. It’s worth giving a little bit of a clarification for those who find themselves in these latter categories. When I talk about communism, I am not talking about the USSR, China, Vietnam, Cuba etc. I am talking about a future where money and state are no longer considered necessary. Where all unnecessary hierarchy has been replaced by equality and direct democracy. A utopia? Maybe, but it’s a utopia for which I think we can hope, and it’s a utopia towards which I am willing to work.

Some other labels that may or may not be useful in trying to figure out what I write about and where I’m coming from are as follows: straight, white, male, cisgender, progressive, Anglican, anarchist, EDS type 3, autistic, dyslexic, working-class, INFP

The list is not exhaustive, and some of these may change, but it gives you an idea of some of the lenses I may use. It also shows that in many ways I am very privileged (white, cis, male, Christian), and that in other ways I have faced and continue to face challenges. Life is a complicated thing and I don’t pretend to know what it’s like to be someone I am not, but as far as is possible I will always try to empathise. Forgive me please for those inevitable times when I fall short on this count.


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