Has the Church Abandoned the Poor?

In April 2018, Philip North, Bishop of Burnley expressed the opinion that there was “a widespread perception among northern DDOs [diocesan directors of ordinands] that candidates from working-class backgrounds with northern accents are victims of prejudice” in the selection process for ordination training.  Bishop North has, in recent years, become one of the sharpest critics... Continue Reading →


The Church Can No Longer Be Politically Neutral

I can still picture the moment I discovered that there are Christians who believe that climate change is a good thing because it will speed Christ’s return!  Much like the famed ‘rapture hatch’, it can be tempting to laugh at such eschatological clumsiness, but for the seriousness of its implications.  A similar story emerges with... Continue Reading →

Stories from the Way: The Camino Donativo

Reaction to the BBC's 'Pilgrimage: The Road to Santiago' has been somewhat mixed amongst those who have completed the journey themselves.  Indeed even before it began, more than one friend expressed their concern that such a programme could not possibly do justice to the great and ancient mysteries of the Way.  I likewise had concerns, but... Continue Reading →

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